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Pedestrian Safety, Year 7, Key Stage 3

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As young people start to use the roads independently, “Streetwise”, gives them the opportunity to explore risk, responsibility and consequences as a pedestrian. This enables them to make informed decisions, manage their personal safety and understand how their behaviour affects those around them.

Learning Objectives

  • Raise awareness of the risks when using the road system as a pedestrian, especially when on ‘automatic pilot’ travelling a route they often take e.g. to school.
  • Identify and challenge distractions to pedestrian safety such as phones, mp3 players and messing around with friends
  • Create real life strategies to overcome peer pressure / peer influence around poor road safety.
  • Encourage the use of school crossing patrols and pedestrian crossings - to ask for help when it’s needed.
  • Increase the student’s knowledge of how to remain safe when using the roads and have the confidence to continue using this information.


98% of students
said the project made them think about the dangers of poor road safety

98% of students
understand more about which actions would put them in danger

97% of students
said the project showed them how forgetting to pay attention on roads can put their safety at risk

100% of adults
thought the presentation had encouraged students to think about road safety

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"Your life is more important than your phone"

Student, Gillbrook Academy

"Students could see how their behaviour on the roads mirrors that of your characters.”

Teacher, Dyke House School

"A very professional, very confident young team that engaged fully with our students from start to finish. The team set up without any fuss or request for equipment etc which made our lives here that bit easier."

Teacher, Kings International College

"I learnt to be more patient for my friends to cross the road."

Student, Dyke House

"I have been texting while crossing the road before and I realise I need to be more careful."

Student, Redcar Academy

"Very engaging format, but hard-hitting ending."

Teacher, All Saints High School

"Absolutely superb! You had every learner engaged, they really took on board how to stay safe on the roads."

Teacher, Christ’s College

"Excellent multi-media presentation. Good mix of props, different learning stimulus, clever use of soundtrack....Overall one of the best T.i.E. productions I’ve ever seen. Thank you everyone involved."

Anne Marie Bailey, Road Safety Officer

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