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Learning Strategy

Using theatre in education as a learning strategy we have created a whole range of PSHE and Citizenship projects. All of our presentations have been developed in partnership with healthcare, education and safety professionals. Projects include Young Driver and Passenger Safety, Pedestrian Safety, Youth Arson, Post 16 Options, Road Safety, Anti Social Behaviour, Alcohol Awareness, Substance Misuse, Teenage Pregnancy, Widening Participation and Raising Achievement.

Live Performance

Theatre is a fantastic tool for emotional learning. It creates an immediate bond with the audience. It invites us to care about the characters and their situation, sympathise with their challenges whilst developing healthy, real-world solutions.

Teaching Materials & Follow Up Materials

To ensure a lasting legacy in schools, we provide a bespoke scheme of teaching materials to continue the learning after our visit. These materials address National Curriculum standards, are designed using OFSTED approved layout and are accessible to specialist and non-specialist teachers. Each school is also given access to our online resources in our Teacher’s Zone. This includes electronic copies of the teaching materials as well as white board materials, videos and other innovative tools. By doing this we ensure the highest possible take up of the follow up work to ensure maximum impact of your issues.

Interactive Workshops

Each live performance is followed by an interactive workshop led by a trained facilitator. Using the performance as a springboard, we invite students to challenge the attitudes and behaviours they have witnessed. Through discussions, activities and investigations, students explain their own views, question preconceptions and discover answers for themselves.


Our live theatre productions are an ideal opportunity to consult with your target audience. We include a fully comprehensive service, where every pupil and adult we work with completes an evaluation form. You are consulted on the questions used to ensure the evaluation provides a valuable insight into the understanding and preconceptions of your young people. We then collate the statistics to create an extensive project report, delivered in both hard copy and PDF format.

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