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Substance Misuse Key Stage 3

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What’s Your Poison?

Substance misuse causes misery to individuals, families and communities. Changing legislation and mixed messages in the media can lead young people into making dangerous decisions about their personal health and safety. Peer influence also leads to students putting themselves and those around them at risk.

Our challenging substance misuse performance, "What’s Your Poison?" explores attitudes towards alcohol and cannabis and the stark realities of choice and consequence.

Learning Objectives

  • Challenge perceptions, preconceptions and myths surrounding substance misuse
  • Demonstrate the potential consequences of alcohol misuse
  • Increase understanding of the law concerning cannabis
  • Explore and challenge attitudes towards the use of legal and illegal drugs
  • Encourage personal responsibility
  • Identify and investigate effective ways to challenge peer pressure and peer influence surrounding substance misuse


84% of students...
are more aware of how substance misuse will cause problems in their lives (15% knew this already).

100% of adults...
thought the presentation had encouraged students to be more aware of the consequences of substance misuse.

95% said...
they understand more about how substance misuse can affect relationships.

What’s Your Poison? What’s Your Poison? What’s Your Poison? What’s Your Poison? What’s Your Poison?
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"I used to say really stupid things like I wanted to take drugs when I was older. That was because I didn’t know much about drugs. Now I know a lot more. This workshop has really helped me."

Student, The Coseley School

"I can honestly say that, in all my years here, I witnessed the best workshop from any PSHCe provider."

Teacher, The Kingswinford School

"Raised serious and relevant issues in a thought-provoking, enjoyable and non-patronising manner! Can you come back!? Will definitely be re-booking you!"

Teacher, Ridgewood School

"Alcohol and drugs can have a major effect, not just on yourself but the people around you and the people you love."

Student, Windsor High School

"The majority of pupils could relate to at least one of the characters. Issues explored that they may have seen or experienced through friends or siblings. Engaging to get message across."

Teacher, Redhill School

"It helped me just in case I’m in this situation or anyone I know is. I will know what to do. Brill play, loved it. Visit again."

Student, Mirus Academy

"Gave a realistic view of the impact of drugs on individuals and families. Good explanation of drug use, very appropriate to their age."

Teacher, The Streetly School

"It has shown me what affect drugs and alcohol can have on people’s lives and I’m now confident I can make the right choice."

Student, Brownhills School

"I have been offered and tempted by this before, now I am sure I made the right choice in saying no."

Student, Blue Coats School

"You can get hurt by the choices you make and this presentation made me understand this."

Student, Grace Academy

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