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Young Driver & Passenger Safety Key Stage 4 & Key Stage 5

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Braking Point

Staying safe behind the wheel involves learning how to stay in control of yourself as well as your vehicle. By creating this awareness in young people, "Braking Point" is able to make a positive difference to young drivers and passenger behaviour.

Students investigate their own attitudes to personal safety and responsibility whenever they are in a vehicle as either a passenger or young driver. Engaging workshop techniques challenge preconceptions and develop solutions so that young people can make informed and sustainable decisions to positively change their behaviour and understand their responsibility to other road users and passengers.

Learning Objectives

  • Challenge perceived 'low risk' behaviour, speeding and anti-social driving
  • Investigate the dangers of a passenger distracting the driver with loud music, mobile phones or 'playing' with the car's instruments
  • Raise awareness of how even low levels of alcohol consumption can impair judgement
  • Understand the value of using available safety measures, especially seatbelts
  • How to effectively challenge irresponsible behaviour in road users, including older drivers


98% of students...
said it made them more aware of the consequences of risk taking behaviour on the roads.

100% of adults...
thought the presentation had been beneficial for their students.

96% of students...
now feel more confident that they could say no if someone pressured them into doing something dangerous.

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"I feel confident in saying ‘no’ to getting in a car when the driver may be drunk / dangerous in anyway. Thank you.”

Student, Malton School

"A superb presentation aimed perfectly at the age range. Innovative and at the same time a fun activity with creativity and serious issues dealt with appropriately."

Teacher, Barlby High School

"Passengers are also responsible when in a car. I will be more respectful of drivers in the future."

Student, Richmond School

"Being a young driver myself the show has an impact on the way I’d stick to speeding limits and handle passengers encouraging me to drive faster."

Student, Nottingham Girls Academy

"A lot of students will be partaking in their driving lessons / test in the next year. I believe that this presentation will help the students make the right decisions."

Teacher, Havelock Academy

"Always wear a seatbelt, even if I’m only gonna be in the car for a short journey."

Student, Trinity Catholic School

"It made them aware of issues that relate to them. Most of the pupils go in friends’ cars and admit to messing about. It will help them think about their actions."

Teacher, Frederick Gough School

"Not to distract a driver as a passenger. Not to have a cheeky one after work and then drive my scooter home."

Student, Tuxford Academy

"You do a very valuable thing in coming with this kind of drama. It sent chills down my spine."

Teacher, Longcroft School

"The scenario was perfect for students here. Many of them will get cars, drive on country roads etc. The pitch / age range was excellent."

Teacher, The Minster School

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