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Youth Arson Key Stage 3

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Encouraging students to stay safe and understand risk is fundamental when addressing issues surrounding arson and anti-social behaviour. Reducing incidents of youth arson and secondary fires not only makes for safer communities but also enables Fire and Rescue Services to remain on stand-by for larger-scale incidents.

Learning Objectives

  • Investigate the dangers and risks of arson and fire
  • Raise understanding that all fires begin as small fires, they get out of control very easily
  • Recognise the effects arson can have on themselves, other people and the fire service
  • Understand that setting fires in derelict buildings, waste ground or abandoned cars is not a victimless crime
  • Identify and investigate effective ways to challenge peer pressure and peer influence


98% of students...
said it made them think about the consequences of starting a fire.

100% of adults...
thought the presentation made their students more aware of the dangers of arson.

97% feel...
more confident that they could say no if someone pressured them to get involved in arson or anti-social behaviour?

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"It was great today, thank you. I have learnt a lot today. You were amazing. I will never make a fire!"

Student, St John Fisher

"I think it was amazing because I didn’t know half of this stuff and it makes me realise whoever sets fires are risking your life. Thank you."

Student, Kearsley Academy

"You could hear a pin drop at the end, which showed just how engaged the students were. Really believable characters."

Teacher, Queen Mary’s Grammar School

"I think that it is OK to say, "no." You should always think about the consequences and I will never get involved with the wrong type of people."

Student, Poole Hayes

"Very engaging. Covered a number of very topical issues. A year group with some concerns around anti-social behaviour. The presenters were amazing with both staff and pupils. Thanks guys."

Teacher, Oasis Academy

"Don’t start fires, even if your mates tell you to. Thank you for coming to our school."

Student, Blue Coats Church of England College

"Engaging and got pupils thinking about peer pressure, making the right decisions and the consequences of their actions. Engaging and talented performers."

Teacher, Newman College

"I took a lot of information in and it made me think. I don’t think I’ll do something like that again, I don’t want to put me or my friends in danger."

Student, Joseph Leckie Community College

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